2014 Federal Legislative Priorities

2014 Federal Legislative Priorities

Engage Local and Pueblo Governments

  • DOE and NMED must continue to engage local and pueblo government officials on all aspects of DOE cleanup. DOE and NMED should identify their cleanup priorities for LANL to the Regional Coalition and seek its input. Transparent communication between local governments, states, tribes and DOE is essential for achieving successful cleanup.

Environmental Cleanup

  • The Regional Coalition supports a sustained, quality cleanup that protects human health, safety, and the environment, and complies with both the Framework Agreement and binding Compliance Order on Consent between NMED and DOE (“Cleanup Agreements”).
  • LANL needs consistent, reliable and sufficient funding to meet Cleanup Agreement obligations.  DOE should continue to request and Congress should appropriate $255 million for 2015 cleanup activities at LANL, the minimum amount needed to meet Cleanup Agreement requirements.


  • The Administration should request sufficient funding for LANL to maintain strong scientific capabilities and support the diversification of missions. The Regional Coalition supports a reverse in the downward trend in funding for LANL.


  • Continued, consistent funding for the Regional Coalition to enable local governments and tribes to participate in environmental cleanup decision-making, support economic development and diversification projects and promote local workforce education and training initiatives.