Environmental Mission Statement

Regional Coalition of LANL Communities Environmental Mission Statement
Approved by the Regional Coalition Board on February 21, 2014

In our mission to support environmental protection and cleanup activities at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), and through our continued efforts to obtain the adequate funding and necessary increases to the Department of Energy’s Environmental Management (EM) budget for Los Alamos, the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities (the Regional Coalition) asserts its support for the following principles and priorities:

1. The Regional Coalition places a critical emphasis on local community involvement in the establishment of goals, objectives and approaches in environmental protection and restoration, as currently supported on a national level by members of the Energy Communities Alliance, of which the Regional Coalition is one. The Regional Coalition requests that the Department of Energy (DOE) continue to engage local and pueblo government officials on all aspects of DOE cleanup.

2. The Regional Coalition asserts that transparent communication between the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED), local governments, states, tribes, civil society organizations and DOE is essential for achieving successful cleanup. The Regional Coalition supports an emphasis on cleanup and remediation options that permanently protect the environment and public health, and which do not impose long-term threats. The Regional Coalition recommends that LANL implement environmental remedies that more completely and permanently reduce the toxicity, mobility, and volume of contaminants, in contrast to alternatives that may leave radioactive and hazardous wastes permanently buried in unlined pits and shafts.

3. The Regional Coalition supports LANL’s remediation and mitigation of environmental threats and contamination and emphasizes protection of ground and surface water resources as a top priority. The protection of ground and surface water should be named a priority in any future iteration of the 2005 Order on Consent issued by the NMED.

4. The Regional Coalition applauds the success of LANL efforts in the implementation and completion of the 3706 TRU Waste Campaign, the NPDES Outfall Reduction Project, the NPDES Individual Storm Water Permit, and MDA-B restoration and reclamation. The Regional Coalition will strive to support further implementation of similar environmental protection and restoration efforts by the LANL in the cleanup of contaminated sites and the protection of the resources currently enjoyed and utilized by the citizens of Northern New Mexico and our state as a whole.

5. Full public participation should always be a priority in any modification of the New Mexico Environment Department’s 2005 Compliance Order on Consent (Consent Order).

6. The Coalition commits to informing its members, and the public, through the dissemination of information and research conducted by member governments and other organizations that are involved in the fields of environmental remediation and restoration.