Welcome! Potential Bidders of LANL Managing & Operating Contract

Welcome LANL M&O Bidders!

The National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) Final Request For Proposal (RFP) for the Managing & Operating (M&O) Contract of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is among the most important issues to regional leadership. The Regional Coalition of LANL Communities (RCLC) has compiled key background information and some suggested guidelines for your successful bid as the next Prime Contractor of LANL.

Background on Northern New Mexico
As host communities to LANL’s mission, Northern New Mexico endures a number of challenges and opportunities. Los Alamos is unique from other Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratories due to its geographical location, surrounded by seven counties and several pueblos, along with its key role as the largest job supplier in the region with over 11,000 employees.

Local communities surrounding the Laboratory want to ensure both the region and LANL thrive through collaborative and cooperative means. As a Coalition of elected and tribal officials representing their local communities, our collective voice advocates on behalf of the best possible outcomes due to LANL’s activities, particularly those in economic development, increased educational opportunities, environmental cleanup, and advocacy of such.

We want to partner with you to envision our best possible future and enact long-term strategies to meet goals we know we can achieve by a true commitment to our region.

Community Commitment Plan Mandated through the Lifetime of the M&O Contract

The NNSA Final Request For Proposal has mandated a Community Commitment Plan to be submitted upon award of the M&O Contract. The Coalition and regional stakeholders have agreed upon a contract we would like all bidders to adhere to implementing upon transition.

Along with a contractual relationship, the RCLC has an implementable Community Commitment Plan in draft form for adoption by the winning contractor and upheld by the DOE. This Plan will be released and available in its entirely by late-December 2017.

The updated Community Commitment Plan (CCP) available for the next bidder will feature innovations such as:

  • Longitudinal goals over M&O Contractor’s tenure at LANL
  • Forming of community-based board of directors to review community commitment plan implementation and efficacy
  • Continuity planning of programs already receiving investment under current CCP
  • Inclusion of focus on pairing economic development and education categorically and systemically, along with addressing workforce needs
  • Community enforcement capability of CCP over lifetime of contract at LANL

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Importance of Community Engagement

Since 2011, the Regional Coalition has strongly advocated on behalf of the growth and maintenance of a talented workforce pipeline to ensure LANL operations support regional economic stability and development. Among our efforts, the RCLC has release the Regional Attraction Guide magazine as a means to welcome all new and potential LANL employees to engage in the cultural, natural, and social wealth of each of our communities in Northern New Mexico. This guide showcases the region to those who may not yet know how to engage in meeting the needs of choosing residency and/or lifestyle activities and serves as a holistic tool to getting settled in the region.

Our communities are taking the initiative to be part of the conversation through the contract transition process at LANL. We hold a vast collective knowledge and history of LANL’s impact on the region since its establishment in 1943. We are a resource for your bidding team to call upon and are available to speak regarding our priorities and concerns. We look forward to the opportunity in discussing your vision and priorities for this upcoming contract transition.

Contact Andrea to introduce yourself and address any questions or concerns: 505-490-6155, Andrea@RegionalCoalition.org

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